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What is an alternator?

Is an auto part that is essential because it provides electricity in a vehicle by feeding the battery with the current, so that the latter allows different equipment to operate and more critical still, the engine to start. The alternator works with his belt so called simply the alternator belt.

Why change it?

When the Starter no longer meets its role, the start-up of the engine is impossible. Please check first if the vehicle battery is not disconnected or if it is not unloaded. Other possible causes include:

-Impairment of an electrical contact, especially during the high temperatures, because the temperature ambient impact the capabilities of different metals to transmit electric current.

-Solenoid malfunction caused by a build up of dust particles, or a cut of the spectrum.

-Interruption of the power transmission between Neimann and solenoid, or wear of the Neimann, one of the most popular car parts.

-Failure of the starter motor due to fouling of the collector or wear of the brushes (brushes).

When to change it?

Several clues:

 The majority of vehicles are now equipped with a light charge indicator which lights up on the dashboard when your alternator provides more a current load sufficient.

 At night, when you turn on your headlights, you notice that the intensity of the light beam varies depending on the engine speed.

 The battery of the vehicle becomes more weak, which has the effect of making the difficult starts.

Diagnose an alternator operating:

Highlight the alternator failure, to the control of the load using a multimeter circuit, electric meter.

Place the cursor of the multimeter on the continuous 20v calibre of the voltmeter part

Start the vehicle, allow the engine to idle and turn a maximum of electrical accessories.

Put the Red clamp of the multimeter to the positive terminal of the battery and the black clip on the negative terminal.

The load voltage must be between 12.5v and 14.7v.

What is a Starter?

The Starter is used to start the engine of the car to get it started.

It consists of an electric motor which is activated electrically by the ignition key.

The power supplies of the Starter:

  • A thin wire to the ignition key allows to operate the solenoid, which acts as a switch
  • A large wire from the battery feeds the Starter once activated solenoid

Why change it?

A starter down does start his car.

When to change it?

Several clues:

  The engine hard to start.

 Lack of response from the engine when turning the ignition key, despite apparent signs of a battery in good condition. Signs of a battery in good condition being: a good light intensity of the lights and fires.

If the car does not start, how do I know that the starter or the battery is flat?

The switch and observe the light intensity of the lights on the dashboard and fires.

 If nothing lights up or the intensity is very low, it’s the battery that is flat. To help out, your vehicle may still start using cables. This requires to have checked its battery in a mechanic.

If the light intensity is good, the starter who has probably failed.

 If the Starter is failing, the problem may also come from the electric connections. Detect the connection failing, to equip a multimeter or a test light and test each of the electric connections, starting with the connection starter battery to the chassis and powertrain.

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