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 Definition: The suspension of a vehicle are the elements linking the non-suspended masses (the wheel, wheel drive parts, often braking systems, etc.) to the suspended masses (chassis, engine and all components of the vehicle attached to the chassis).

  1. Shock absorbers:

What are the shock absorbers? The shock absorbers are another essential body of road holding. They attenuate the oscillations of the springs that carry the load of the vehicle, and absorb the irregularities of the road. They bring more comfort to the conduct. They electroplate the wheels of the vehicle on the ground. This is why the shocks are crucial elements for the safety of your vehicle. They control grip, cornering and braking, and prevent the rebound of the wheels.

Why change your shock absorbers? In France, 1 in 4 vehicle with shock absorbers wear out 50% and more. In a perilous situation, an ill-equipped vehicle can successfully meet the demands of its driver: above 80 km/h, a vehicle with worn out shock absorbers request up to 2.6 m more to stop!

This is the reason why you should pay particular attention to the State of these “invisible bodies.” You can hardly estimate the level of degradation. Their slow and progressive wear unintentionally encourage you to adapt driving compensating loss of your shock absorbers. Financially, wait too long to change his shock absorbers is a very bad choice, as the deterioration of these organs can damage other parts: leadership and direction kneecaps, rolling wheels, transmissions and differentials, air (up to-30% of their life).

When to change your shock absorbers? It is advisable to check your shock absorbers every 20,000 km and change all the 80,000 km. See the recommendations of the manufacturer.

  1. The spheres: Citroen, on some vehicles, has developed a very sophisticated hydropneumatic suspension. This circuit is the heart of the system: shock absorbers, braking, steering, are connected to this circuit. The only liquid used is the LHM oil. It is advisable to replace the spheres all 50 000 km. The accumulators and regulators are to control.

3. Parts of the train rolling: the running gear consists of steering and suspension ball joints. You have the ability to control their condition by regularly checking the wear of the tyres, (abnormal wear on the sides of the tire), by feeling the vibrations coming through the steering column or a bad handling.

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