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Definition: A filter is a system used to separate items in a stream. The action of the filter is to keep, delete, redirect or change the unwanted items in the feed, and useful items to pass freely.

Filters are used in various fields: oil, air, fuel filter filter filter and filter cabin.

What is the oil filter? One of the conditions essential to the proper functioning of a combustion engine is the lubrication of constant parts of the engine in motion, with maintained the level of cleanliness required oils, to avoid any premature wear. It is the role of the oil filter: filter oil constantly to remove impurities such as the abrasive particles due to normal wear and tear of organs, dust, and combustion residues. It must be able to withstand the mechanical and thermal engine environmental constraints. It must retain oil when the engine is stopped and also contributes to cooling of the oil.

Why change the oil filter? The oil filter is a highly technical product, asking for a very high quality to ensure proper operation of the vehicle. It thus plays an essential role in maintaining the performance and longevity of the engines. Which requires a replacement at regular intervals, before the accumulation of retained impurities lead to a loss of charge. When to change the oil filter? It is important to respect the recommendation of manufacturers, generally with each oil change. It is advised to change at least once a year.

What is the air filter? The role of the air filter is to protect the motor of the aggression of its external pollutants. An engine swallows from 200 to 500 m3 of air per hour, following his displacement. The absorbed air is charged with impurities, a variable level depending on the climate, the coating of the roads, the degree of air pollution, etc… As dust, which term would turn into formidable abrasive paste for the engine.

Why change the air filter? Change the air filter ensures:-maintaining the performance of the vehicle. -Fuel economy. -Optimum engine performance. -A better preserved and less polluting engine (and a control technique anti-pollution spent carefree).

When change the air filter? It is important to respect the recommendations of the manufacturers. Please change the air filter at least once a year, preferably at the same time as the oil filter.

What is the fuel filter? Fuel filter ensures the protection of the power of the engine (carburettor or injector) system by eliminating the impurities in the fuel. The role of the diesel filter is to protect the vehicles diesel injection pump, eliminating impurities and water contained in the fuel.

Why change the fuel filter? A blocked filter may cause ‘holes’ in food that can go up to a complete break of the arrival of fuel and the engine stopped. A filtered fuel injection system ensures performance and optimal durability. Replace the fuel filter on a regular basis, it is:-fuel economy. -Optimum engine performance. -A less polluting engine.

When changing the fuel filter? It is important to respect the recommendations of the manufacturers. Please change the fuel filter at least once a year.

What is the cabin air filter? The cabin air filter preserves automotive and all occupants of the vehicle of penetrating and concentrating in the passenger compartment pollution.

Why change the cabin air filter? As and as the filter to stop particles, its loss of load, to say his opposition to the passage of air, increases up to a limit value that corresponds to its life expectancy. A filter change cabin regularly contributes to the well-being of the driver and occupants:-inner cleanliness of the cabin. (Reduction of dust and bacteria). -Protection of the bodies of air conditioning. -Passenger comfort.

When to change the cabin air filter? The filter must be replaced before the accumulation of particles of dust, of soot, pollen, does not lead to a loss of charge incompatible with the proper functioning of the ventilation system of the vehicle, which would result in a reduction in the ventilation rate and a difficult Mister Windows. It is important to respect the recommendations of manufacturers, generally every 15,000 km. It is advisable to change the cabin air filter at least once a year, particularly in an environment with high rates of pollution (urban area).

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